Community: The Fula in Nathia Village

Home to the Fula people and accessible only by 4×4, Naccia is a small village located in the southeastern corner of Senegal.

Many Fula have now converted to Islam, and although previously nomadic herders and traders, have settled over time.

Concluding a hectic week of bouncing back and forth from different communities, Naccia was the last village visited in the Kedougou area. The music was extraordinary.

The band included vocalists and percussionists who struck their hollowed out calabashes, string instrumentalists who bowed their riti (small fiddles native to the Fula), and a djembe drummer who kept the beat.

The crowds of dancers surrounded the community square, all waiting their turn to leap into the centre and impress. We were often pulled away from our equipment and invited to join in – we need to practice dancing.

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