Mohammed ‘Mucho’ Mbalo

As we walked the back streets of Gorée, a former centre of the slave trade and arrondissement of Dakar, admiring the displays of unusual art, we heard the strumming of a guitar echoing against the crumbling colonial terraces.

Equipped with microphones and ready to record, we followed the music and found two artists sitting under a corrugated iron roof drinking ataya, a sweet mint tea.

We approached Mohammed, or ‘Mucho’, as he likes to be called, and asked if we could record a song or two. He played a stunning lullaby called Djambolo Debére: ‘Everybody has the need for peace’.

Later on, Mucho, in Wolof (the second most common language of Senegal), went on to comment that the special history of the island, his home, reminds him each day of the importance of forgiveness and the power of peace, which is the founding inspiration for his music.

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