Noa from Mbour

We met Noa, the incredible Jola flautist and vocalist, in Mbour. We had previously heard stories of the gifted musician, but none of the locals knew of his whereabouts. Later on, when asking a gardener if [&hellip... Read More

Community: The Fula in Nathia Village

Home to the Fula people and accessible only by 4×4, Naccia is a small village located in the southeastern corner of Senegal. Many Fula have now converted to Islam, and although previously nomadic herders and traders, [&hellip... Read More

Mohammed ‘Mucho’ Mbalo

As we walked the back streets of Gorée, a former centre of the slave trade and arrondissement of Dakar, admiring the displays of unusual art, we heard the strumming of a guitar echoing against the crumbling colonial [&hellip... Read More

Community: The Bassari in Etiolo Village

Close to the town Salémata, deep in the bush, lies the small encampment of Etiolo. This village acts as the gateway to the Bassari country, keeping all tourists at bay to protect their endangered culture. With [&hellip... Read More

Community: The Serer in Tataguine Village

From Mbour, south of Dakar, a long dusty road through villages and fields will take you to Tataguine. Known to be the oldest ethnicity in Senegambia, the Serer people live in great number and by a [&hellip... Read More

The Kashaka Salesman from Gorée Island

Before arriving at Gorée Island, we met a kashaka salesman whose name is unknown to us, probably because of his mad rush to sell more kashakas. (A kashaka is a percussive instrument that consists of two [&hellip... Read More

Mohammed ‘Nice Boy’ Kah

On the bustling streets of Banjul, Gambia’s capital, we met Mohammed. After an accident on a construction site that took his leg, he can no longer ply his trade, so he now asks passers-by for small [&hellip... Read More

Community: The Bedik in Iwol Village

The Iwol village rests on top of a mountain near the southeastern town of Kedougou. With a population of 500, it acts as a small capital for the Bedik people. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed. [&hellip... Read More

Talibés of Saint-Louis

Ex-French colony Saint-Louis is home to orphaned children, known as talibés, from all over Senegal. The Islamic schools, referred to as daaras, provide a religious education and shelter for these unfortunate boys. With non-existent funds from [&hellip... Read More

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